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Hertz Engineering professionals have good knowledge and experience on how to make your project a success. We apply the project planning skills and techniques that we have developed while working on highly technical projects. Our approach is heavily focused on planning of project at the initial stage. This is very important as it sets out the framework and identifies keys areas that need to be addressed right from the beginning of a project. Our project managers discuss and present our project plan in front of our clients before we start working on a project. This makes our clients feel at ease and makes them confident that all areas related to the project have been addressed including, resource planning, budget and schedule.


In a nutshell, our approach follows the following steps to project success:


  1. Create and Analyze Business Case

  2. Identify and Meet Stakeholders for Approval

  3. Define Project Scope

  4. Set Project Goals and Objectives

  5. Determine Project Deliverables

  6. Create Project Schedule and Milestones

  7. Assignment of Tasks

  8. Carry Out Risk Assessment

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