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Hertz Engineering field engineers and technicians can perform on site testing and commissioning of electrical substation equipment and switchgear.  They have performed testing on equipment up to 500kV voltage range.  Hertz Engineering crew have hands on experience of testing AIS and GIS substation and are equipped with all type of test sets and their operating software.  We provide a detailed test report template, test analysis and recommendations if needed.  We also provide commissioning report for safe energization of electrical system based on test results.  Our testing portfolio covers the following equipment.

  1. Power and Distribution Transformers

  2. HV and MV Circuit Breakers / Circuit Switcher

  3. Instrument Transformers

  4. Disconnect Switches

  5. Batteries and Battery Chargers

  6. Soil Resistivity and GPR testing

  7. Motor Control Centers including VFD’s and Soft starters

  8. IR Scanning / Inspections

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