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Our qualified and experienced engineers are involved in different type of testing which includes on site testing as well as Factory Acceptance Testing for our clients.  We provide these diverse services to our clients who need factory acceptance testing for the equipment they purchased for the projects.  FAT is an important phase to check the reliability of the equipment keeping the overall cost and importance of the equipment for the projects.  We provide pre-shipment inspection and testing services, type test services and on site test reports verification and approval process.  We provide the inspection services for the following electrical equipment:

  1. Power Transformers (Power and Distribution Transformers)

  2. Live Tank and Dead Tank Circuit Breakers (Ranging from 6.6kV to 500kV)

  3. Disconnect Switches (Ranging from 72.5kV to 500kV)

  4. CT’s & PT’s Oil Filled and SF6 Filled (Ranging 72.5kV to 500kV)

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